Recommended Products

for back and neck pain, nutrition and more


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Superfeet Green Insoles on Amazon
These are the insoles I recommend for a full length shoe, such as a sneaker.

Superfit EasyFit fit Half Insole for Women
Insole for a shoe with a tighter toe box, or a boot or even a dress shoe.

Superfeet EasyFit Half Insole for Men
A great insole for a dress shoe or other shoe that cannot accomodate a full length orthotic.

The Stick Muscle Roller Store on Amazon
Use this for massaging hip tightness as well as the front and back of the legs, shoulders, lower back and core.

Ice Wraps Reusable Ice Pack
The best ice pack ever.

TENS Unit for Pain
This is a reliable, popular TENS unit for personal use and pain control.

Mitopure Urolithin A for Mitochondria
I use this supplement to renew my mitochondria which helps to have a lot more energy and better cellular health.

Chirp Wheel
This is a product created by a chiropractor for getting to the really tight spots along the spine. It helps so much with mobilizing in between the shoulder blades. The Chirp Bundle is my favorite but take a look and see what you prefer. Chirp Wheel Bundle

Melt Method Soft Foam Roller
A softer foam roller for sensitive muscles and skin.

MediFlow Water Pillows
These pillows are my personal favorite for over twenty years. High quality and so very comfortable! Most Popular Pillow Click Here