Here's what some of our patients have to say about Dr. Karyn Dornemann

"When I came in I could hardly walk, stand, lived on pain medication. Now I can stand erect, walk fairly normal and my pain level has dropped dramatically. With Dr. Karyn I feel human......I can live life again."
-Judy M.

"She's a lifesaver."
-Marc S.

"Dr. Karyn is a dedicated and caring chiropractor who listens to you concerns and problems and finds the best method of treatment to restore your quality of movement and life."
-Jessie D.

"Hi Karyn,
Just sharing with you my experience with the 21 day cleanse.
I was hesitant to start as I wasn’t sure that I would be able to stick with it just eating fruits and veggies and drinking shakes. I went ahead and was pleasantly surprised. The shakes were very good and very filling so no hunger pangs! I added greens and fruit to each shake, very satisfying. Enjoyed big salads or veggie stir fries with quinoa as well for lunch and dinner. Physically, I felt better, more energy, no stomach upset, less headaches. Plus, I lost 7 pounds in the process!
Will definitely use the shakes on an ongoing basis and plan to do a cleanse periodically.
Thank you!"
-Liz D.

"Give her a try and see for yourself the difference you will feel."
-Herman S.

"I am feeling a great deal of hope. I believe sincerely she has done wonders on my back. It has made my life different, as I now can do more things now that I couldn't do before."
-Phyllis S.